Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin (It’s all up to you – PLEASE READ!)

Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin (It’s all up to you – PLEASE READ!)

By the Grace of G-d

7 Tishrei, 5772

October 5, 2011

Dear Friend,

It’s all up to you.

Everything about Yom Kippur, coming up this Friday night, points to you:

In times of old, one High Priest serving our one G-d in His one Temple on His one holiest day on behalf of His one people elicited G-d’s atonement for the entire world.

Today, one person, with one turn of his or her personal page, doing one good deed, or making one good resolution – can also change the course of the entire world for the good.


This Yom Kippur, you hold the keys to the world’s future.

You have the power to tip the scales for all of humankind.

Your good deed, your repentance, your primal cry – from the depths of your soul, will penetrate the Gates of Heaven and will elicit a reciprocal response from our One G-d.


At Chabad.org we try to keep this vital idea very close to heart. Our team is driven by the deep teachings and life-example of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, who focused on the core of innate goodness – the soul – that exists within every human being. No one – no one! – was insignificant or expendable.

While serving more than 20 million (!) different people this year from every corner of the globe and all walks of life, our rabbis, editors, programmers, designers and other team members never lose sight of the needs of the individual – many, many individuals! – who turn to us for some of their most existential needs. Each team member considers himself or herself a trustee of the Jewish People, responsible to nurture and to serve you.


Our Sages teach us that a crucial part of our service to G-d, particularly during this time of year, is to give generously of our earnings to charity.


Each of us here on earth works hard for our livelihood. We pour all of our energy – our entire soul – into it.

When we then give our earnings to charity – when we recognize that G-d entrusted us to act on His behalf to distribute His resources – we demonstrate one of the highest levels of faith a human being can achieve: We give away some of our very own soul.

In preparation for Yom Kippur, when we pray that our prayers are propelled by the holiness of the day to reach the very essence of G-d and that He blesses us with all things good, let us demonstrate our faith, let us bare our very soul, by giving freely and generously to charity.

We want G-d to forego calculation? Overlook our iniquities? Seal our fate for a good year? Judge the entire world kindly?

Let’s act first!

Let’s prepare for Yom Kippur by giving lots of charity. In fact, let’s give beyond what we perceive to be our means.

G-d will surely reciprocate in kind.

After all, He entrusted the entire world to each of us.


In this spirit, please take two minutes now to donate generously to Chabad.org’s vital work, and join 5,399 other partners to ensure our financial stability this year:



You can also donate by Paypal or Google Checkout, or write out a check to Chabad.org and mail it to:

Chabad.org | 784 Eastern Parkway | Brooklyn, NY 11213

Millions – and possibly billions! – of good deeds will be performed across the globe this year through your partnership.


May you merit to experience Yom Kippur in the deepest, holiest way. May you and each of your loved ones – and the entire world – be sealed in the Book of Life for a good and sweet year. And may we all merit to see the ultimate perfection of G-d’s world with the coming of our righteous Moshiach.

On behalf of the Chabad.org team,

Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin


P.S. – To help enrich your holiest-day experience, I encourage you to check out http://www.chabad.org/yomkippur during the next couple of days leading up to Yom Kippur.

P.P.S. – If you have already contributed to our campaign this year, please accept our apologies for sending you this additional appeal (and perhaps a couple more in the coming couple of days). Perhaps you contributed using a different email address – please reply and let us know so we can connect the two. Or perhaps you sent a check and we have not yet received it but will soon, please G-d. Thank you for your understanding and forgiveness in this season of forgiveness.

Also, this request is not a responsibility but an appeal to those who are able to help. If you are unable or unwilling to contribute, you are still welcome to enjoy our website and subscriptions!



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